Building a cohort of visionary climate philanthropists.

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In countries like India, there is a pressing need for philanthropic leadership that is resilient, adaptable, and willing to take bold steps towards groundbreaking climate solutions. The India Climate Leaders (ICL) platform serves as an urgent call to action, aiming to expedite domestic funding to address pressing climate and development challenges.

The ICL platform empowers philanthropists to shape their vision for change, take pioneering steps, and amplify the reach of India's climate initiatives. We stand behind these climate leaders in articulating a nuanced perspective and cultivating a fresh brand of climate leadership for India on the global stage.

We offer tailored support to climate leaders, aiding them in refining their philanthropic strategies, exploring various avenues of impact within India's climate landscape, and crafting effective long-term plans. We will:

Collaborate with leaders to evolve their approach to funding climate action.

Identify credible solutions rooted in the Indian context that require vital support.

Provide guidance on messaging for engagements on national and global climate platforms.

Foster a sense of community and forge partnerships to collectively pursue ambitious climate goals.


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