In this short visual essay, the ICC team shares their emotions and memories associated with some of our oldest and most gentle friends on this planet — for trees offer consistent and healing friendships, the longer we nurture them.

“Just like trees in autumn, letting go can be beautiful.”

© Manavi Bhardwaj, Senior Manager, 2021


“Silent Bodhi, ablaze Palash,

blends nature and culture

whispering climate nirvana.”



© Dr. Ajita Tiwari Padhi, Senior Specialist — NbS and Resilience, Mar. 2024


A Palash tree ( Butea monosperma), New Delhi: Bereft of its leaves and with its fiery blooms, this ‘flame of the forest’ gives the Delhi skyline a radiant look.

© Dr. Ajita Tiwari Padhi, Senior Specialist — NbS and Resilience, Feb. 2024


A Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) at Buddha Jayanti Park, Central Ridge Reserve Forest, New Delhi: A sprig from the Bodhi tree at BodhGaya was taken to Sri Lanka and was brought back to India by the then Sri Lankan PM in 1964 — it has grown this big!



© Shloka Nath, CEO, 2024


Weaver bird nest tree, Kenya.

© Siddharth Bhatia, Lead, Earth Exponential, 2022

At the Củ Chi tunnels, a vast network of interconnected tunnels located in the Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.


“This tree is a testimony to the resilience of Vietnamese people during the war and shows their interconnectedness, while still welcoming people with open arms.”

© Ishita Bagri, Engagement Officer


Komorebi on a quiet afternoon.”

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