The Philanthropy Advisor is a key member of the India Climate Leaders (ICL) team and is responsible for guiding and advising philanthropists. These strategic advisors proactively help bring new donors to climate, and once they are interested, help engage them while building strategies to support their giving at the speed and scale the climate sector needs.

The ICC is partnering on an initiative to strengthen India’s expansive Civil Society Organizations (CSO) ecosystem, that largely works towards social development outcomes but indirectly addresses the adverse effects of climate change on local communities. The initiative aims to support local actors that work in allied sectors by bringing them into the climate domain, deepening their climate expertise and building institutional resilience to bolster regional climate action across India.

The Senior Associate - Engagement will be a critical part of achieving the ICC’s mission of mobilizing funding for climate action, specifically focusing on corporate philanthropy. The Senior Associate - Engagement will be the backbone of Earth Exponential’s donor engagement.

As the Head of ICL, you will play a pivotal role in engaging with philanthropists and business leaders, to cultivate India's pioneering climate philanthropic leaders and help them move to action/giving at scale. This involves identifying and engaging with ultra-high-net-worth philanthropists to build a robust foundation for climate action. Responsibilities include developing long-term strategic goals, identifying, and building appropriate knowledge products and public goods for the climate donor ecosystem in India, creating giving opportunities appropriate for domestic donors (based on work by CSO partners and the ICC’s Sectors team) managing donor relationships, engaging experienced climate donors globally to interact with Indian families, and leading the team.

The Senior Manager for Food Systems will be responsible for all aspects of grant and program management, focusing on agroecological approaches, sustainable food systems, and enhancing resilience in agricultural landscapes. Candidates with experience in rural development, agriculture, forest ecosystems, climate adaptation, NBS and resilience building will be prioritized.

The Program Associate - Adaptation will play a pivotal role in supporting the building of an Adaptation Consortium and hosting an Adaptation Convening of diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping the conversation and action on climate adaptation in India.

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