The Climate Challenge

climate change

India faces a complex challenge. It must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and secure its economy and 1.4 billion people from climate extremes, while improving living standards.

There is growing momentum for collective action to tackle this challenge, yet available climate finance falls significantly short of what India needs.

Philanthropic capital serves as a catalyst in India's climate ecosystem.

It can inform priorities and champion initiatives to unlock and de-risk public and private finance.

We harness climate
philanthropy’s potential, using
a three-pronged approach.

We unlock philanthropic capital flows by advising philanthropists who are new to climate action or want to give differently.

We discover, design, and surface climate priorities that mitigate emissions and build resilience, aligned with India’s development pathways.

We build connective infrastructure to enable impactful funding through platforms or shared resources for the sector.

  • • Our Priorities

  • • Our Priorities

  • • Our Priorities

  • • Our Priorities

  • • Our Priorities

  • • Our Priorities

Building a cohort of visionary climate philanthropists

Helping corporate philanthropy scale community-led climate solutions

Enabling cross-sectoral investments to accelerate climate action

Pooling grant funds to achieve systemic climate action

Our Founders

We were founded by a group of India’s eminent philanthropists and path-breaking business leaders.

our founders

Our Community

As a first-of-its-kind collaborative in the country, we firmly believe in the power of the collective. Since our launch in 2020, we have built a large and diverse network of more than 100 trusted partners in India and around the world – including corporate philanthropy, private foundations, civil society organisations, research and academic institutions, and other technical partners.

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