To tackle climate change in India by protecting vulnerable communities, capitalising on emerging opportunities, and establishing India as a leader in the global movement.


Big Tent

Build a large and diverse tent, to include all those willing to engage without favouring one particular approach to climate action.


Create a broader ecosystem to enable philanthropic engagement on climate change in India

India Focussed

Respond to India’s realities, commitments and priorities while seeking global best practices relevant to our context.


Stimulate widespread, informed conversation around climate change and climate action.


Reduce the transaction costs of engaging on climate change

Increase the urgency of engaging on climate change

Provide a unique platform for Indian leadership

Build capacity to act on climate change



These goals will be achieved through the ICC’s four programmatic focus areas by building the partnerships and networks necessary to seed knowledge across the collaborative, drive awareness and advocacy on the goal and offer technical expertise and assistance.

The ICC will reduce the transaction cost of engaging to fight climate change for funders and philanthropic institutions.

The ICC will build a networked ecosystem of climate actors, that will support greater collective investments and partnerships for climate change related work, to reduce inefficiencies and enable more cost and knowledge sharing.

The ICC has a role to play in supporting the cross-pollination of ideas across its members. The collaborative is built on trust and individual relationships between ICC members and will encourage their peers to ‘get on board’.

The collaborative will create a space for a unique, democratic platform for Indian leadership for climate change and will serve as a voice for all Indian philanthropies that will directly help us work towards the achievement of our SDGs and INDCs.



Over 3 years, ICC will have increased philanthropic engagement on climate, as well as improved the quality of India’s climate debate


A majority of funders adopting a climate lens across their portfolios

Program quality

Improved quality of programs in terms of climate impacts


Marked increase in philanthropic funding and crowded-in funding from other sources

Public discourse

More informed debate across diverse viewpoints on climate issues, leading to greater societal awareness


Regular dialogue, both formal and informal, fostering exchanges of experiences and coordination on strategy and funding


Sectoral impacts on climate indicators via philanthropic portfolios


Robust ecosystem of research partners, implementers, technical experts, and service providers supporting philanthropic engagement

Current Core


Advisory Group

Image of Aban Marker Kabraji


Regional Director of the Asia Regional Office at International Union for Conservation of Nature

Image of Siddarthan Balasubramania


Senior Advisor, Strategy at the ClimateWorks Foundation

Image of Anumita Roychowdhury


Executive Director of Research and Advocacy at the Center for Science and Environment (CSE), India

Image of Navroz K Dubash


Professor at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and Senior Fellow & Coordinator for the Initiative on Climate, Energy and Environment.


& Updates

The India Climate Collaborative is looking to build up a team to execute its goals and manage its programs. We have partnered with Shortlist to facilitate the recruitment process. To know more about the different roles and to apply, please visit click on the relevant role link below.

You will be required to complete the online application form and assessments listed. Following the completion of this process, Shortlist will be able to assess your application. If you meet the initial selection criteria, Shortlist will be in touch with you regarding further steps.


Research and other knowledge products produced by ICC, its members and its institutional partners.