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Land use has the potential to mitigate carbon emissions and build resilience to climate shocks through sustainable agriculture, agroforestry and the expansion of carbon sinks.

Air pollution shares a significant percentage of sources (and therefore solutions) with carbon emissions, and serves as an immediate, critical and tangible consequence of the climate crisis.

Water security is a keystone of adaptation and resilience, as climate change accelerates India's mounting water crisis.

Our foundational works aims to fill essential gaps in the climate ecosystem, including the creation of key knowledge products.

Our public facing work, which aims to represent the climate crisis through unique perspectives.

Image Credits

India Bundled Wind by Land Rover Our Planet / CC BY

Women in Self-Help Group by EpiscopalRelief / CC BY

Farmer and his daughter both farm workers by IWMI Flickr Photos / CC BY

Herder-3 by Vijayaraj PS / CC BY