Funding climate solutions for all

Of all the developmental challenges faced by the world, the biggest and most critical is the climate crisis today. In fact, climate change is one of the three major driving forces of humanitarian emergencies across the globe, with countries that have contributed the least to global warming facing the worst climate-related disasters.

Climate-proofing India’s socio-economic trajectory

With existing socio-economic challenges, India needs a people-first development paradigm to move towards a climate-secure future, and become a leading voice on climate action for the Global South. With programmes around green fuel, climate-friendly farming, green buildings, low-carbon mobility, and policies for efficient energy use across various economic sectors, the 2023-24 Budget lays a strong …

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India Bundled Wind by Land Rover Our Planet / CC BY

Women in Self-Help Group by EpiscopalRelief / CC BY

Farmer and his daughter both farm workers by IWMI Flickr Photos / CC BY

Herder-3 by Vijayaraj PS / CC BY